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Friday, March 16, 2007

My latest acquisitions: Career Girl Barbie and Coco Barbie

I've definitely slowed my collecting pace. For one, I need to get my display space in order. Secondly, Mattel just hasn't been producing the variety and quality of dolls that I like. For example what happened to more Black Silkstone dolls in the Barbie Fashion Model collection?

My latest acquisitions include the reproduction of Career Girl Barbie and the third installment of Byron Lars' Chapeaux Collection, Coco Barbie.

I haven't opened the box to Career Girl yet. I plan to redress one of my Lingerie Barbie No. 5 dolls with her outfit. Lingerie No. 5 has to be the absolutely perfect doll model. I'll do a blog post just on her soon. I should have purchased more them when I had the chance.

Let me get to Coco Barbie. Now, whoever decided to cheapen this entire Chapeaux collection with those permanent gloves on the dolls gets a big fat 'F'. Generally, I love the Byron Lars dolls but I am not feeling the excitement with this collection. The cheap plastic necklace on Sugar Barbie did it for me. Yuck. That's so un-Byron.

Coco is cute and funky. It's likely that I'll purchase another one of these because I do like this doll's pose. I'll remove the clothing anyway a add one of those fabulous doll wigs. She will be beautiful.

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