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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Must Have: Barbie Collector Magazine

With the discontinuation of Barbie Bazaar magazine last year, collectors such as I have been longing for a way to keep up with the news on Barbie as well as receive history lessons on the pink diva herself.

The editions of Haute Doll I received as a Barbie Bazaar subscriber were okay but not enugh to quench my thirst for all things Barbie. Call me a snob if you'd like but I don't particularly care for sharing space with dolls outside of the Barbie family.

Thank God a new magazine is on the horizon, perhaps you've already seen the first edition but I haven't had the honor. It's called Barbie Collector. It appears to start where Barbie Bazaar left off. I'll give you my opinion as soon as I receive my copy in the mail.

Unitl next time...Smooches!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that they discontinued the magazine after only four issues? What a shame. I loved getting this, but it was always so hard to find.

Vanessa said...

I know; I was very disappointed. I ordered mine directly from the publisher.

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