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Monday, December 03, 2007

What's your fashion style?

I am so feeling these Stuart Weitzman shoes. The list price is $270 but rhey're on sale for $130. Unfortunately, they're only available in 8.5 or 10 and I wear 9. Arrrgh!

My friends call my taste boring but I like what I like. A pair of tastefully ripped jeans are cool as long as they're paired with a crisp white shirt. Too short. too tight tight and too much skin doesn't work for me. A sexy split? Definitely, yes. But hoochification? I think not.

That discussion of my choice in shoes led me to the quiz below on fashion style. I think it is a rather accurate description of my taste. Classic clothing doesn't go out of style so my purchases are more like investments.

I can totally picture those shoes with khakis, a white blouse, brown belt, my brown Coach hobo purse, pink scarf to pull my locks in a ponytail and tortoise shell Ray-Bans.

Take the quiz and see what your fashion style is.

Your Fashion Style is Classic

You like what's stood the test of time...

Simple, well styled clothes that don't scream trendy

You stay updated and modern, but your clothes stay in style for a while

You wouldn't be caught in animal prints, fake fur, or super bright colors

1 comment:

Linda-Sama said...

hey, me too!

and I can kick myself for not keeping my original Barbie! (the one with dark hair, striped swimsuit!)

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