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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Barbie-Bratz War Goes to Court

Carter Bryant, designer and former employee of Mattel, is at the heart of the Barbie-Bratz lawsuit you may have heard about in recent weeks. In dispute is whether he was a Mattel employee when he came up with the Bratz concept and shopped it to MGA Entertainment, Inc. If that is the case, Mattel would claim ownership of Bratz and the gazillion dollars they rake in.

Lo and behold, Mattel has dropped its lawsuit against Bryant but will continue litigation against MGA. So this mess isn’t cleaned up yet. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Would Mattel have paid Bryant $30 million and rising for his work? Mattel seeks to recruit the talented and pay them a meagre salary for their ideas, which can make fortunes. Managers are merely the custodians of their established products and brands, it's the creators who make the real difference. Look what happened to Disney in the hands of Eisner. The moment Katzenberg left in frustration, the animation studios, the hallmark of the Disney empire, went into freefall and closed. Is Mattel going the same way? Certainly without innovation the only way is down and the figures show that is the way Mattel is relentlessly heading. Innovation and imagination is what counts as JK Rowling proves in spades and she is reaping her just rewards. Pay the piper what he's worth and you get to keep your children. Colin O'Donoghue Ex-designer of Barbie and Disney clocks and watches and the author of The Dragon Code, a fairy story based on stolen invention and inspired by events at Disney but it could just have easily been by these events at Mattel.

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