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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Comme des Garçons Barbie

From the Telegraph:

The Comme des Garçons Barbie doll by Japanese fashion designer, Rei Kawakubo, comes in a Jingle Flowers box. Kawakubo has designed a multicolored, silk dress, with a full, asymmetric skirt that stands away from the body – perfect for Barbie’s Christmas social whirl.

The dress is in a photo-style, print graphic and forms part of ‘Jingle Flowers’, the Comme des Garçons ‘new nonsense’ Christmas range.

The limited edition Barbie is part of the Barbie Collector Platinum Label collection, and comes in its own box, featuring the Jingle Flowers print, and display stand.
Comme des Garçons Barbie was launched in Tokyo last week and sold out.

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L. VAZQUEZ said...

Hi Vanessa!

I didn't know that you had a Barbie blog!! Gurrrl... I am INTO the Barbie scene!!!

Vanessa said...

What? You're into Barbie too?!! That's great to know. Glad you surfed through here. This is how I chill out. LOL Don't tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
Very amusing opinion

Barbie Oyunları said...

I Like Barbie!

Patni said...

I adore those comme des garcon barbies! It seems strange to me that the combination should work. But it totally does.

NOTE: I do not represent all of these photos as my own; these are photos of Barbie and other dolls that I find to be fabulous! If you are the actual photographer and would like to be credited, send me an e-mail.