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Monday, December 19, 2011

Joe's List

I really wish I hadn’t surfed across Joe’s List - Joe Blitman’s Fashion & Celebrity Dolls. OMG he has an extensive offering of hard-to-find doll collectibles for sale. There’s an African-American Barbie Convention Doll Set I could die for but $400 is just not in my budget right now. Arrgh!

He also offers other Convention items as well as mint condition clothing and accessories. Check out the other Mattel fashion dolls available as well as fashion dolls by other manufacturers.

Barbie and computer gadgets are my weaknesses so Joe’s site will definitely be a struggle for me to avoid spending money. Please pray for me...I am so serious.


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Georgia Girl said...

This is such a nice set. I love the guy's hair. Maybe it will go down in price and you can ger never know.

Favorite Barbie said...

I really like this set, very nice. We are all Barbies at one time or another of our lives, or ALWAYS...

BarbVaVa said...

It looks like a really nice set. I may have to sell some of my other dolls so I can get them. Still keeping my eye out on them. There are some other really nice items on that site. *fingers crossed*

House of Pinheiro said...

hot barbie news you may wanna know xx

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