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Friday, November 16, 2007

Mattell adds Black Silkstone Barbie for 2008 --- Toujours Couture

I must add at least two dolls to my collection over the next six months. One is the Hollywood Hostess Barbie that I already have on order and the other is the Toujours Couture Barbie.

The Toujors Couture is a Black Silkstone Barbie --- one of the very few black Silkstones. I'm going to reserve my final opinion when it's released in February 2008. Right now, I'm not feeling the color of the outfit or those boots. She would have looked so much better in the La Vie Rose wardrobe.

I'll likely sacrifice and buy more than one of her. For sure I'm going to opt for black pumps or slingbacks. Look for the photos in February.

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