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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Remembering Fashionista Dr. Donda West

The world mourns the lost of Dr. Donda West, mother of superstar Kanye. Let's keep him lifted in prayer. Personally, I liked her style. It's easy to fall prey to our society so enthralled with youth, thinness and beauty. But whose standards should we follow anyway? I could go on and on about diverse beauty.

Dr. West and I shared the same tastes in handbags, I love this photo of her rocking the Louis Vuitton Multipli-Cite'. She looks so young and vibrant. Rest in Peace, Sister Queen. Job well done.

NOTE: I do not represent all of these photos as my own; these are photos of Barbie and other dolls that I find to be fabulous! If you are the actual photographer and would like to be credited, send me an e-mail.